Former Celtic treble winner Ramon Vega has found some common ground with Ibrox Legend Ally McCoist.

McCoist made the claim last week, Celtic and his old club would do well in the Premier League over time if they were invited into the football monopoly.

The argument for years has been the clubs as they currently stand with the players they have couldn’t compete – that would be absolutely correct.

However, given the vast resources both clubs would have in a Premier League ecosystem – with the right investment in key areas – over time they would rise to the top half of the table and compete for titles.

Ramon Vega, who is also a massive Spurs fan believes McCoist’s assertion is correct.

It’s an argument that’s been done to death. There’s zero chance of Celtic being offered a piece of the pie down south. It would not be in any clubs interest in England to allow the Hoops to come in and take a massive slice on their TV deal and sponsorship money.

It’s much easier to watch us from afar and attempt to put us down when on occasion we can do something in Europe.


  1. Hate to disagree with players in the know, but the chances of either these Glasgow teams getting admitted into the Epl, as as much as Partick Thistles or Benburb. If they get in, they had better start to Improve their finances first to prove their worth now. And then prostitute themselves to a sugar daddie with a colinised accent, or a teatowel wrapped with an auld sock on their head, or heads. As only someone else’s Subbutto set, can compete in the big pond. All present nonplaying employees would end up on the bru, or get moved to the staff canteen. And players, into the Epl Colt leagues. Both teams would end up as good as Everton or dare I say Leicester in the Epl, cups or Europe. If they don’t get religated after four or five years. Or sooner.

  2. This has to be the dreariest argument of all time. With the money available from Sky, Auchinleck Talbot could field a competitive team in the EPL. It’s about money, not football.

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