NEIL LENNON has come out in defence of his midfield star John McGinn after Brendan Rodgers branded the player ‘Not on Scott Brown’s level’ after the 2-2 draw on Sunday.

The two managers share a pre-match hug.

John, who has been a fantastic player for Hibernian and especially under Neil Lennon has been tipped for big things in the game and while Neil Lennon respects Rodgers opinion that didn’t stop him from sticking up for McGinn.

“I totally disagree with that,” Lennon said. “McGinn was superb, physically, his football was good.

“I don’t remember Broony dominating the game and in the last 20 minutes, John got stronger when we put him back in his natural position. He was magnificent.

“Maybe Brendan sees it differently from me. I thought McGinn was a cut above.”


  1. as we say everyone allowed their opinion, we all see things diffrently. but i tend to agree with brendan , not saying the boy didnt do well but always thought that browny had the game always in hand , this is what makes him such a good captain, but fair dues to neil for speaking up on the side of his players, they gave us a good game and we let them back into it ,a lesson learned , but i think we the glasgow celtic have the best manager out , he has his eye on the board , and has his own agenda , so just got to love our brendan a gift from god to paradise god bless him xxx

  2. That boyata is no gift from god anyway, he’s the man who let Hibernian back into the game how many times does he give the ball away?, not Celtic quality he needs to go

  3. Brendan can cut it n Scotland But Our Yard Stick has got to be Europe.Minus the humiliating results.Our defence is abysmal.Great that both Managers see it differently.Thats what footballs all about,Opinions.We need a couple of defenders.And bit of luck…With the squad we have,If we play Zenit the way we played Anderlecht at home.Its curtains for Us.

  4. A sense of perspective is needed all round in my opinion. Seeing the game from afar (Canada) I’m not going to judge in two games where they’ve faced each other the relative merits of the two players or say who is the better, even putting age and experience to one side. However what we should look at is the bigger picture this season. Celtic have played more games than any other SPFL side this season and naturally it is taking its toll on a few. Still look at the table and you’ll see we’re still too, still unbeaten domestically and still in Europe after Christmas. It’s clear where our room for improvement ne de to be – Europe. I don’t think for a minute that’s lost on BR. HH


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