BRENDAN RODGERS spoke of his pride and delight as his side went through the domestic season unbeaten but the season did drain him.

Speaking at Celtic’s AGM yesterday the manager was proud of all he and his side have achieved in such a short space of time but shot down anyone who tries to dismiss the clubs achievements as ‘easy’.

“After the Scottish Cup Final I was drained after the season,” he explained. “You think of the number of games we prepared for and the record wasn’t the main focus but when we got to 33, 34 games then it becomes a special achievement.

“How we did it is important. We’ve broken records in terms of wins and goals scored. That’s important. It’s not just winning, it’s winning in a very defined way.”

“But it’s not easy – there are so many games and former players will tell you the difficulties of playing midweek in the Champions League and then travelling away or facing a game at home. That can be a banana skin, but the players have coped with that.”

Celtic have re-written the history books in many ways since Brendan took the job and while he’s still in the hot seat there’s still more that could be broken.





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