The thought of Alan Pardew at Celtic has caused me to type and then backspace for the past 15 minutes. It is actually annoying me that he thinks he would be considered because he would “Like To Try Winning For A Change”. Maybe standup comedy would be better suited to a man who has not had a job in over 12 months.

At one point Pardew was tipped to take over at Ibrox, Pedro did a better interview than him and he was mental. Maybe it is just my own one-sided opinion, here is how Celtic fans feel about Pardew of the Celtic…

We actually can’t find one Celtic fan that wants to see Pardew “winning for a change”. At the moment Celtic and its fanbase have enough to be thinking about as they come to the business end of the season. The SPFL title is in the bag and it is a matter of when and not if.



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