You reap what you sow and the Celtic board who watched the game in Dingwall tonight are personally responsible for this result in Dingwall.

Celtic fell to their second defeat of the season to the Highland club.

A turgid, uninspired display which we’ve been getting all season and when Celtic fans have asked the decision makers to do what’s best for the club, they fell silent.

Neil Lennon is allowed to continue as Celtic boss, unimpeached, no matter how bad things get.

How many games have we sat here this season and said enough is enough, and we were confident the board would do the right thing. Instead, a wall of silence and birthday greetings from Celtic’s social media.

It’s a shocking state of affairs we are 18 points behind in the league on the same weekend our manager has told us things haven’t been that bad.

This is where we’re at. Neil Lennon is not the man for the job and should have been removed long ago. We could have been spared some of these results and performances. Even when we’ve won, we’ve rarely looked inspired.

I hope Ian Bankier and Peter Lawwell watched all of the game against County. You have treated the Celtic support with utter disdain this season, that’s not a hasty decision on the supporters side, that’s a fact.


  1. GTF Lennon and take your overrated players with you.
    McGregor, Christie, & Edouard just go now, you wont be missed
    Broonie, sorry but times up.
    Feel sorry for Turnbull, Welsh, Ajer and Kenny

  2. I agree McGregor has not played well recently but he has been running on empty for 4-5 games in my opinion why has he not been rested for example he should have been rested tonight and we could have started with two forwards up front in stead of three of our 4 strikers on the bench and a midfielder in attack who unfortunately missed 2 great chances in the fist half.

  3. I just cant get myself to watch Celtic now enough is enough.
    All the season ticket holders should let this lot know by not renewing their tickets and hope to god we will see change at boardroom level.

  4. If it was a boxing bout Celtic would win on points hands down the only snag is they’ve got a glass jaw and no knockout punch. So we’re easily beaten with a sucker punch. Every coach in Scotland know how to frustrate Celtic But our manager and coaching staff don’t seem to have the knowledge to vary our game plan. I’m sorry Neil but it’s time for you to go, we need some fresh thinking.

  5. Go back and sit on your SDLP fence Neil. Your disdain for Celtic supporters with the B.S. you have been spewing, whilst doing the bidding of a gutless board unquestioningly and showing the consistent inconsistency, which has caused the player apathy and loss of confidence, is an UNMITIGATED DISASTER.


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