In anticipation for the new season, Sky Sports has posted images of Scott Brown celebrating on some billboards around Glasgow.

It makes sense considering Scott Brown is the captain of the most successful team in the country.

However, as sure as night follows day one of the billboards was defaced by vandals who simply cannot stand the sight of a smiling and smug Scott Brown.

An Ibrox fan’s twitter account brags about the billboard being defaced and revels in the juvenile act.

Celtic are treble treble champions! Won the last eight titles in a row and heading for ten.

It’s the small victories for these neanderthals which keeps them going.

Scott Brown will lead his Celtic teammates out for flag day on Saturday while these eejits have a laugh at some very poor and shoddy vandalism. Each to their own I suppose. Here we go, nine in a row!


  1. I have seen fuquin many unionist halls decked out in green white and orange……………never fuckin seen oan the news but………jooost goes tay show yay ratra bun is everywhere……….Hail fuquin Hail

  2. Really, try taking a good hard look at your own team before criticising a decent team that actually WIN TROPHIES!! Something Rangers in recent times know absolutely nothing about, as it has been that long since it’s happened. I’m sure the trophy cabinet in Ibrox is about 6″ thick with dust, after all you’d need something in it and in absence of trophies, for SEVCO it’s the next best thing!!!


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