Giovanni van Bronckhorst was drowning on the touchline on Wednesday night and when his team couldn’t or wouldn’t listen to him, the manager went crying to the fourth official and stewards that he wasn’t happy with the Celtic ball boys.

You read that correctly, the Ibrox boss complained about the ball boys not distributing the ball quick enough.

Celtic blew the Dutchman’s team away in the first half and managed the second half with very few issues.

Instead of getting on with things, Gio made a point of getting the officials to tell the stewards to tell the ball boys to hurry things along. [Football Scotland]

If you ask us, having the ball out of the park for longer was far more beneficial for his side.

Celtic Park was rocking, the fans and the Celtic players didn’t give them an inch.

Ange Postecoglou’s men reduced the Gers boss to complaining about trivial things that had zero bearing on the game.


  1. Before the first goal MacGregor twice went walkabout at by kicks despite there being balls behind the goal.
    He was trying to take the heat out the game as most goalkeepers do. He can’t then complain about the ball not coming back quickly enough when his team are behind.
    Well he can but he just looks foolish.

  2. I think he may be losing the dressing room acting like that a right clown he looks shouting at the players from the side line is a bad image and making himself look silly he complained about the ball boys he should go away and hide now…

  3. The ball boys behind the goal in front of the JSL kept kicking the ball away from McGregor. One actually kicked it away as he went to pick it up.
    We’d be going nuts if they did that to us.


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