GRAEME MURTY has blasted back at Scott Brown after the Celtic captain told Celtic TV he believes his side have a mental edge over the Ibrox outfit.

Murty didn’t take kindly to those words even though he’s still to taste victory in a Glasgow Derby.

“Scott says lots of things he believes are true. I believe my team have more than enough and showed more than enough to cause Celtic a problem.

“We obviously have to understand where they are dangerous and we understand they have good players.

“But I believe the gap has closed demonstrably. And we have to make sure the next step we take is going and winning a game because when that happens it will kick our belief to another level.”

The narrative out of Ibrox keeps changing, they were chanting about a title challenge last month, and now we’re told the Scottish Cup was their focus all along, what are they going to spin tomorrow if they don’t win the game?


  1. Since the last semi 2017, they have 20m more in debt, we have signed better players and they cannot even hold onto a 7k a week player, so no Graham the gap didn’t close, it got much wider don’t believe the odd result. does the draw with Dundee mean the gap between us and Dundee has closed, not a bit

  2. What will they spin tomorrow if they lose. One could write a Theisis on that but not worth the energy. Winning tomorrow is very very unlikely I cannot see it happening without some outside intervention or help.
    This is where Celtic should show their mettle and class by putting to bed ANY NOTIONS they have of getting above their station. They are not as good as Celtic and never will be.
    This must be shown to them tomorrow in the Semi Final. HH


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