DODGY Dave King loves a hyperbolic and erroneous statement, but then again who doesn’t down in Govan?

At the unveiling of the saviour of the might Glasgow Rangers, Steven Gerrard we were subject to a number of quite frankly ludicrous statements.

Statements akin to things you hear Donald Trump spewing, which when are held to any sort of scrutiny fall apart like a cheap suit.

One that caught our eye was with regards to form in the Premier League since the winter break.

Dave King made the statement that his club had been the in-form team since the break and had left all other clubs in their wake. True? Not a chance?

Before you even look at the stats, the chairman has seemingly sacked his previous manager for being the in-form side? Oh dear.

Lucky social media holds this numpty to account every time he comes out with something to satiate the peepels needs for a staunch soundbite.

All games played to date, Hibernian are in actual fact the in-form side of the SPFL with Celtic three points behind them and Kilmarnock nipping at our heels.

The Ibrox side are tied fourth with Aberdeen.

Moonbeam CSC.


  1. Yeah especially Celtic.
    Really left them way behind.
    Whopped them 2-3,0-4 & 0-5.
    What can you say?
    Sad people.

  2. Scumbag has got absolutely no shame whatsoever!! But OMFG they clowns just absolutely LOVE to believe his fantasist views. You must remember, they’re dumb as a box of fuckin hair so as long as it’s coming from some prick wearing a blue tie and suit, then obviously it’s pure Gospel!!! Shame Gerrard’s fell into this slugs trap coz just wait until we start whipping the dogs next season, King will be as far as possible away from Gerrard’s side so he can call him for everything and blaming everybody and their dog before he’ll hear a wrong word said against his dirty, lowdown, evil and vile self!!!

  3. A glib and shameless lier. Not us saying ,but a judge! And the lies just keep coming. I wonder how many lies King has told Gerrard in the past two days! . Surely Gerrard, is not so stupid, as not too know about the financial side of sevco? The mind really boggles, and we have nothing to fear from that side of Glasgow! If,and when we beat them again , do we get to keep them?? We don’t want them , but they are just another provintional team as far as we are concerned!! Hail Hail

  4. It’s what King does superbly, lying, and the gullibillies just lap it up, don’t they deserve each other.

  5. King has the Zombiified Hoardes slabbering all over Scottish Football.Its nigh on time this Rancid Entity was Blootered out of existance.If Soopa Doopa Stevie G doesnt deliver them There 55.I can see it Ending Humiliatingly,Again.I cant wait to see this Muppet Show come crashing Down Along with the Crumble Dome.As Always just like there players,King talks Out his Arse.This lot are not,i repeat Not Living in the Real World.Our Day Is Coming,Again.Its a well known Fact,Its a different Shite But Still the Same Flies.They Sevco have Entertained every other Club with Hilarious Outtakes.Please Dont Stop.Keep Up the Myth.HfH


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