For the December Glasgow Derby at Celtic Park, The Rangers have reportedly made it clear they want to have 700 tickets, irrespective of Celtic’s refusal of the same quantity for the September showdown at Ibrox.

Behind the scenes, there are ongoing discussions between the clubs’ security teams, yet according to information gathered by Record Sport, Celtic have declined an allocation of 700 seats at Ibrox due to concerns about their supporters’ safety. Celtic fans, positioned in a corner between the Broomloan and Govan Stands, would have their safety at risk. As has been witnessed with fans needing medical treatment from glass bottles being thrown.

REUTERS/Russell Cheyne

Celtic’s preference is to revert to the arrangement prior to 2018, which allowed them to secure the entirety of the Broomloan Stand, with its capacity of 7500, during their visits. Rangers were similarly granted an equal number of tickets when they visited Celtic Park.

The whole thing is a farce, and we can’t envision Celtic playing ball with the Ibrox club who have thrown their toys out the pram a long time ago.

The SPFL must look at a MINIMUM away day allocation that all clubs must adhere to before away days become ridiculous.


  1. Can such a Glasgow derbie farce ever be settled?
    Can it only be settled in parlement or the sheriff court in the future?

    Nothing may ever continue between both parties, with neither giving the true supporter of both set of christians a chance to enjoy a day in peace and harmony. Or chaos, like usual. Bury the hatchet , but not in each others head!!!!

    Regardless of what style of jesus you see on a cruciform.

    Has the Big man in his flowing beard and whiter that white smock, have to give up his son and daughter for us public to ridicule again?

    What a load of dug toffee both set of suits have served up again, and again.

    Just sort it out, or forever be seen as a pair twins fighting over one succulent breast.


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