Ex-SPL chief believes if The Rangers don’t land a massive case of evidence against the SPFL in the coming days, the SPFL should hit the Ibrox club with a dire pure charge.

Given the seriousness of the allegations and their call for suspensions — the case against the SPFL from the Ibrox club has to be strong or they risk much more than embarrassment.

Roger Mitchell also believes the Ibrox club are making a lot of noise for the eventuality of an insolvency event.

While we all try to get on and do what’s best for Scottish football, the Ibrox club have taken part in a ridiculous soap opera style huff. If they have evidence of wrong doing, they should have had it out by now. The fact we’re still waiting speaks volumes.

Mitchell lives in Italy nowadays and has the autonomy to speak his mind and he’s been front and centre during this shut down.


  1. The spfl need to get together and sort this moronic,Masonic sectarian shambles of a so called football club and give out a hefty punishment to let them know who is in control of this governing body.HH

  2. I agree naughty boy 88 this small fish is dragging this football to their level a very hard message has to be delt once and for all


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