It is inevitable that some form of meaning will happen from Ibrox to satiate their deluded fan base if Celtic are crowned champions with eight games to go.

They all knew they had blown it and they’re currently using a worldwide crisis to pretend that wasn’t the case.

Football Insider report that if the SPFL do go ahead and crown Celtic champions, the Ibrox club will lodge legal action.

They must be hoping a lawyer will do better at stopping nine in a row than Steven Gerrard was.

The Ibrox club blew it, but they have no humility or grace in the face of a crisis and must look to be challenging the decision.

However, the legal challenge would almost definitely frivolous but they do enjoy a day out in court.

This is not the way Celtic fans want the season to end – they were on course to steamroll the opposition and land the title in front of a Celtic crowd. We have been robbed of that moment, however, if the season must be called, it’s the right thing to do.


  1. I really hope we wait to finish the games and as such withhold the prize money, that will really hurt Sevco. By the time we get to play the rest of the games they will be in administration at best and well be 28 points clear. They are deluded

  2. No scruples no class no guidance nobody wants them no one gives a monkeys what they think let them stew in the pot of glar they are brewing the sooner they go under the better .The world is in a mess nearly as big as the one they are going to land in so be it.

  3. Agree with JPD, play the games until mathematically everything is concluded, and hold back the cash until then.

  4. Listen if winnae that it would’ve been summit else remember this is the the football manager that started tae complain tae a ref he’d slipped on a 🍌 fuckin skin the last time he bottled it not the shite running doon his shorts gft


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