We all know it doesn’t take much for their fanbase to fall for anything so it’s little wonder the noises coming out of Ibrox today are the usual fantasy re-writing of history we come to expect by a club who pretend they were relegated in 2012.

Their chief Stewart Robertson has claimed Celtic’s title win in May when they were so far ahead in the title race has left a bitter taste in the mouth.

Wait a minute, did they not vote for it?

Celtic were far ahead in the league with their club in a shambles when all this went down. They were in freefall and their fans clung to a pandemic to pretend they could have somehow grasped the title from Celtic.

Now detached from the event, the hierarchy who voted for the ending of the season AND vitally to declare Celtic champions and Hearts relegated, accepting the games couldn’t be played have piped up.

Their claims at the time of cheating, cohesion or anything else as flimsy as Donal Trump trying to pretend he still won the election.

It’s the sort of bravado you get from the peepel. If they don’t win something, there’s obviously dark forces at work. Hilarious.


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