Let me prefix this by saying, I have no qualms about coming up against a full-strength Ibrox side on Sunday. Both teams at the peak of their powers would make for the most interesting games and leave no excuses on the table.

However, during these uncertain times, we need to make sure we do things by the book.

A statement from our Glasgow rival’s earlier this week concluded they had a positive test in the camp. When they boarded the flight from Alashkert they were missing some notable players prompting many to believe they could be out for the Glasgow Derby also if any of them had the virus or were deemed ‘close contacts’.

We have been told by a very reliable source The Rangers took a small plane up to Dingwall for their game on Sunday. A plane that would not be sufficient for players to be properly distanced. A positive case thrown up after this begs the question of why there are so few call-offs.

Rangers* could have sent some of their players for a PCR test before the Alashkert flight and had they came back negative they would have been free to play and Gerrard free to manage the team over there.

From what we can gather, you can be excluded from self-isolation ONLY if you have been double vaccinated for two weeks or more and return a negative PCR test. Surely that would pertain to some of the older names on that list of players not flying. Why didn’t the Ibrox club get a PCR test for these ones before the Europa game.

It gets more interesting when Gary McAllister claims ‘rules are changing all the time – they aren’t by the way.

What would change between now and Sunday?

Celtic had to hand over flight documentation and seating plans coming back in January and was hammered even though they followed the rules given to them by the joint response group. While things have eased up – there has to be a focus on the safety of players and after sharing a flight to Dingwall surely things need to be looked at.

Do I have confidence things will be done by the book? Let’s wait and see.

I’m looking forward to a Glasgow Derby which will hopefully live up to the hype and see Celtic be more competitive than they have been as of late in the fixture.



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