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There’s been a lot of debate this week if The Rangers should give Celtic a guard of honour when they visit Ibrox this week.

The very notion that a side playing out if Ibrox would ever do such a thing tickles us but according to James Tavernier if you don’t clap the champions onto the pitch you’re not respectful or sporting. Who are we to say otherwise?

In his tweet last year, the defender thanks Alloa for their guard of honour after The Rangers had won the Championship and had a dig at a particular side that didn’t follow suit.

We can expect wee Jamesy to clap Celtic onto the pitch then, even if the rest don’t show any ‘true sportsmanship’.



  1. The football club formaly known as glasgow rangers are diniasuars ( NOT THE PLAYERS THE CLUB) it is time they woke up to the real world.
    Irember well the great glasgow rangers teams we had to play against, these rangers players would either be turning in their graves or gringiing at the current servici rabble
    WE need strong scottish club teams no matter were from ( as long as we are better than all the rest, but at the top level


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