A video emerged yesterday of Scott Brown being taunted about the death of his sister to cancer by a Rangers fan outside Ibrox.

Filmed in the aftermath of Celtic’s win against Steven Gerrard’s men, one fan attending the football chose to stick around and partake in what can only be described as a vile and disgusting attempt to upset the Celtic captain.

It stopped Scott Brown in his tracks who just looked at the guy as others told him to get lost. It was appalling and what’s great to see is most decent Gers fans have come out and condemned the behaviour.

The Sun are reporting the guilty party has been banned from Ibrox for life after the vile slur.

As we say, fans of both sets of supporters have been quick to condemn this. You still have the idiots who want to justify it or condemn it but adding in serval caveats.

This is a football rivalry and things like this should not be allowed to go unpunished and unchecked. If the fan has been banned from Ibrox as the report says then I applaud the Ibrox club for their swift actions.


  1. Sat and watched ma da dyin with that shit most horrible things ever ma da did no wrong worked aw his days even served his country for 22 years and you just take that for granted fuck I thought broony was gonnae fuckin leather him their and you know what I would never have thought any less of him what a guy how players should behave at all times 95% of that rangers team would do well to look at that before every old firm so they can remind themselves how to behave under so much provocation stress and right after an old firm game what a man legend father brother hucband and son our captain Scott brown “BROONY” hail hail


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