To say Scott Brown lives rent free in every single Ibrox fan/players and even their dogs heads is an understatement.

The sight of the midfielder celebrating at full time had their fans falling over each other in the stands as their players had a complete meltdown.

This was the same Brown who had been ‘taught a lesson’ at Ibrox with a cheeky wee Broony behind the Celtic captain by Arfield, obviously trying to shamelessly provoke him.

They really can’t take the sight of our glorious captain winning and he just continues to show he is the boss of this fixture.

Gerrard has tried to argue Scott should be punished but it would take a very brass neck to pull the player up for anything he did before, during or after the match. Scott won the battle on the field and won the mind games at a canter.

Hopefully, Ibrox thugs will be dealt with accordingly.


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