SCOTLAND BOSS Alex McLeish says his side must attain the standards set by the Celtic players in his squad.

Speaking after losing 1-0 to Costa Rica the former Ibrox EBT man was striking some familiar notes i.e doing his best to get his side to keep up with Celtic. However, this time there’s no easy way to cheat the system in order to make it happen.

“The second-half was good. We should have finished with at least a draw and the subs made an instant impact. Stuart and Callum play together which shows.

“The Celtic players have been instrumental in Scotland’s fortunes over the past few months.

“You know what you’re going to get from them – it’s up to others to reach that standard.”

It’s no secret that Celtic are streets ahead of some of their Scotland colleagues but these comments of a ‘Celtic standard’ have not gone down well with McLeish’s core support.

Mcleish was given the job by the SFA after striking out on two other candidates. His second stint as Scotland boss looks doomed already.


  1. The cheating Australian cricket capt gets outed and the Australian PM says it is an outrage. The former Rangers manager has a history of cheating. What do we do in Scotland? Make him manager of the national team!! What have our politicians have to say??

  2. Mcmoneybags mcleish should pay back his ill-gotten gains, say his cheating was wrong, apologizing for the years of hurt he and his band of cheating scumbags inflicted on descent football fans, publicly give back all cup and league medals illegal won under the EBT years.
    Name everyone involved and demand that they to apologise and give back all money and illegally medals
    As the so-called leader of Scottish football time he showed true leadership
    Hail Hail

  3. BrassnEck McLiesh certainly knows how to blow on his trumpet.How this guy got the Scotland job,Beggars Belief.But then when the realisation sets in and it hits us ,Its no coincidence as there is a Lodgeful of Swine at Hunden…HH


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