IBROX FANS are becoming more and more detached from whatever reality they choose to reside in these days.

What are they getting up in arms about today?

They’re claiming Celtic’s official page photoshopped a poppy out of Kieran Tierney’s Scotland picture from last night.

The pathetic poppy brigade who continually try and put the club down while Celtic donate 10k to the Poppy appeal while their own club does very little is another source of much hilarity.

This is another low point for the Ibrox fans, who are so desperate to pull Celtic into the gutter they’ll do and say anything.

They we’re left disappointed last weekend when Celtic’s minute silence didn’t go the way they wanted it to. So today is now where we’re at.

One Gers fan actually ran to the superscoreboard twitter like it was someone’s Da’ to ‘grass’ on Celtic. How amusing.



  1. Sad scumbags!
    It’s his choice to wear a blood stained poppie or not. No one has the right to take his right away, and as for asking the SFA to come down hard on celtic for airbrushing it out, feck aff and pay your taxes Hail Hail

  2. They really are getting sad in there wee dream land…seeing the scarfs for sale outside Ibrokes with the poppy embossed on it…? For the vendor’s How much did you donate to the ROYAL British Legion from your use of the Poppy ?

  3. They have got Some neck on them,Complaining about Anything Our Club does or doesnt.We are not and never have been known or labelled Tax Dodgers or more to the point,CHEATS!!!!

  4. TOC tic you are 100% right the hun soap dodgers are clueless fuckers, sevco can’t even sort themselves out the robbing bastards , fuck off and die like your paedo club

  5. What an absolute disgrace of a So called Club.Sevco maintain and insist they are still same Club after Liquidation.They are nothing more than a mediocre team at best.They killed there Club by cheating and avoiding tax on a Yearly basis,For years.Decades of persistantly playing inelegible players.Just to keep ahead of the Mighty Celtic.And the absurdity of it all,Is the Deludead maintain They are the biggest and best team in Scotland.Yet they had to cheat!!!!!Says everything about just how unattached with Reality These Parasites really are….HH GGAW YNWA

  6. Every year it’s the same but over the last few years they have been getting more desperate .. have they paid the poppy money yet ? Also 50000 turn up and donate and the only raise 5 grand ?
    Something fishy going on there and some of their fans were accused of selling poppies and making a profit for themselves .. they can’t come close to us on the field so resort to these desperate measures to drag us down into their mire with them .. as a football fan I would actually feel a little sympathy for their club as i lived through the 90s but when you see stuff like this and the horrible posts they put on line you think fuck them .. their desperation is hilarious and how ever hard they try to stop the ten it’s inevitable now .. they need to start again to even have a chance to challenge us over the next 10 years and by that time most of their weans will be Celtic fans .. I don’t want them to dissapear again because there is no better feeling than seeing their bravado before every Glasgow derby just to see their dreams crushed again and again and again .. it’s fucking great

  7. Buy a Shamrock poppy on Amazon like I did. I wear it in rememerance of the brave men of the Irish Fusiliers who gave up their lives in WW1 and WW2. That should put those HUN (well named) bastards gas on a peep. My own uncle James McIvor an Irishman was killed in France on the second last day of WW1, what a fucking waste of life.


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