NEIL LENNON is a guy who sits on days like today and is verbally abused for 90 minutes by a fan base who like to get offended when he does something outlandish as celebrate his team scoring a very late equaliser.

Today Neil Lennon has gone viral after his celebrations at the end of a 5-5 thriller caught the imagination of football fans on the internet.

The only problem is, it’s sent the Sevco lot into meltdown. How delicious.


  1. Brilliant Lenny,Get It Right Up Them and send the bill for damages c/o Dave Glib and Shameless,Liebrox…….

  2. The guy chatting about Hibs coming 4th
    Girup you cunts can’t even finish 2nd with the 2nd biggest budget
    You keep proclaiming to be the peepel
    But what does it mean?
    It’s meaningless pandering to the delusion that you are better than everyone else
    Well the league tables show otherwise and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future

    • We are all niel lennon and don’t let the low life’s forget it. He went through hell and Scottish press helped with it. . I’m celtic through and through but will always support a guy that went through hell in a country that is corrupt to the core.

  3. Pure gold Lenny,what a showman.
    The wind-up hit a raw nerve.
    Poor old Sevco, could not even celebrate Celtics defeat
    What a day.

  4. Neil Lennon is a man who has his heart on his badge, nothing wrong with him celebrating. The huns are upset cause they finished third and are deflecting there useless season on this man.

  5. You have got to love Neil Lennon .What a way to shut the abusers on the blue side up .’There’s only one Neily Lennon HH.

  6. Hail Hail Lenny…3rd place flatters those disgusting bigotted sub-humans anyway…they weren’t missed when they died, and they won’t be missed when their Zomboid beings are transported to the seventh layer of Hades.. have a can of 7-up on me, Sevconians! πŸ˜€

  7. Brilliant Neil Lennon, you know the score. Rub it right into them and never stop because they would do the same. πŸ€

  8. It’s hurting them that’s all that matters , the word unprofessional keeps being used by these parasites , unprofessional is steeped in old rangers and new they are a laughing stock of Scottish football , and may it continue

  9. Kimberley sounds like a class act – ha ha ha!!!! If Neil Lennon read the shite she wrote, as he’ll know an insult from a subhuman being is like a compliment – two negatives and all that! COYBIG

  10. Lenny is just a Legend,He has Never Ever managed a Deid Club,He must be doing something right,The HunZz are Baying for his Blood.I thought all that BS wouldve Died along with Rangers but Sevco have the very same fans.A Big Shitty Skidmark on Scottish Football.

  11. Neil Lennon Hates The Huns He Celebrated Simulating An Aeroplane And The Huns Went Aff Their Heid’s,They Blamed The Brendan And The Bhoys Because They Finished In 3rd Place,But When They Come Back Down To Earth They Shall Realise Were It All Went Wrong,It Was When A Certain David Murray Sold His Loving Club “Aye Right” Down The River For A Β£1.00, To “Craig’y White, Craigy, Craig’y White, Still Can’t Stop Laughing At ” We Are The Same Club” Braindead & Delusional Sevconian’s “AhaAha Ahahahaha AhaAhahaha Aahahaha Hahahaha” Here We Go 10 In A Row Here We Go 10 In A Row Here We Go 10 In A Row Here We Go 10 In A Row, God Bless Brendan And The Bhoys (7th Heaven, Also God Bless All Our Bhoys & Ghirls, The Best Supporters In The World {Y.N.W.A.} Hail Hail. πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†+ πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† = 10 & A Double Treble History Making “Again Again & Again [UTLR] !!!


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