It seems like the peepel are not content with their Champions League win at Dingwall the other night and are instead trying to play down the imminent Charly Musonda to Celtic deal.

Celtic, who will today sign the Belgian starlet up on an 18-month deal has been hailed as a player ready to play in Chelsea’s squad now by a large portion of their own support but The Rangers fans are trying to look on the bright side of things.

There were one or two Ibrox fans who do see the writing on the wall, however.


  1. Huns having a go at celtic for getting a quality player in when you see the crap they got, just makes me laugh.
    7 over the line, marching on to 10
    No stopping us now
    Hail Hail

  2. Christ almighty racism sectarianism and transphobic they are a lovely lot aren’t they. Big George over and out what a clown

  3. Ye dont hear us complaining about Sevco and there Plan for World Domination.Or there delusions of Grandeur.They have to cling onto Celtics shirt tails to somehow make them seem relevant.With the Myh that is Old Firm.Will they stop Us getting 10 In A Row.There is more chance of Rangers coming out of Liquidation,Than Sevco stopping Us!!!!Let them dream of Glories Past.Its All They Have to live for,Clowns the lot of Them

  4. George W minus the Bush,1872.My oh my,Are you really really that Butt hurt.You show your true colours.Rangers are Over,And Sevco Are Out.Thank You Chelsea for loaning Us a great wee player to destroy the DelooDeid.HH


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