Ibrox flop Joey Barton has given the most bizarre reason why Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard and himself will become great managers.

The Scottish football failure believes Gerrard can cut it in Glasgow because he’s a ‘slow plodding midfielder’ and apparently those types of footballers make the best managers.

“If you look at it, slow plodding midfielders tend to become good managers.

“Look at many great managers and they tend to be of a certain type.

“Pep Guardiola is the best coach but was a midfielder who had no pace and no skills. Mauricio Pochettino was of the similar profile.

“Zinedine Zidane may buck the trend but he was a midfielder! I am taking great refuge in the fact that midfielders tend to make really good coaches.”

Joey officially goes into management with Fleetwood Town after his football ban was fully served due to breaking strict gambling rules.

In what was a bizarre interview we also had the ‘slow’ midfielder talk about himself in the third person.

Scott Brown really ruined the guy.


  1. ‘Joey want a cracker, Joey want a cracker.
    Joeys fuc&en crackers, Joeys fuc&en crackers’.

    What’s born to succeed??

    Joey without a beak. HWGFATT

  2. Can I have some of what braindead idiot is taking??
    There are the brainless and the braindead But he is so Thick that neither applies to the Maggot.
    If wit was Crap he would not have enough to be Constipated. HH

  3. Has Brown let him out his pocket i take it?
    Slow as Trecol. Daft as his comments. Joey Barton you know nothing. I’ll give you 6 months at most with Fleetwood! Joker.


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