IBROX mouthpiece and local village idiot Mark Dingwall made an astonishing claim that Celtic spent £70million last season for their playing squad.

The comments came as Dingwall tried to talk up the ‘Gerrard era’ and massively over inflated the business Celtic are doing.

The sort of stuff that it’s easy to see why Rangers went out of business with accounting like this.


  1. Went past the guy fillmng and they stopped as I was playing my ‘rebs’ And the ugly Zombie was upset at my suggestion that the sevconians should start play at the beginning of each game “Walk on’ To welcome my namesake to the death star.
    On behalf of the homo zombies. HWGFATT

  2. Nae wonder RFC died and TRFC are in trouble with debts of 27 million wankers like him working at liebrox they must all sit around the table and talk some shite tae each other especially the convicted criminal king he should never have got near liebrox after the liquidations of RFC he’s doing the same to TRFC..2012 surviving on loans the corrupt sfa Mr Maxwell should just shut the cheating bastards down for good..RATBAGS THE LOT OF THEM ZOMBIE FUCKERS..HH

  3. As the old saying goes ” You can’t educate pork”….here we have the living proof verifying that very statement……going by porkie’s statement though, we still spent less than they owe HMRC….Captain Pugwash doppelganger…..

  4. There Obsession is all the more Sweeter,Reading there Delusional BS…..And they wonder why they are Constantly laughed at,On a Minutely Basis.Inbred Halfwits.Stevie (Blunder) Will tuck tail and head South,Before Years End…..


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