We’ve heard some pretty hilarious quips from the media in our time but we’re now scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Turns out Celtic only managed to get thirteen points clear last season because The Rangers didn’t have a quality enough kit! Now, with a brand nobody has heard of until now at the helm, it could just make the difference.

This is stuff printed and published by paid journalists.

If that’s the case Celtic still have the edge with their Adidas deal. But in reality and away from Govan, it’s the person inside the jersey that matters and well, that’s their biggest problem.


  1. U couldn’t make this pish up,the huns going on about they’ll be better at playing football if they had a different brand of sportswear.
    You’ve got to feel sorry for all they brain dead mutant hun journalists for writing this HH

  2. but they’re still on course to win the close season cup, all because of their spanking new kit deal, just wait till they find out Ashleys the secret owner


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