It has been an emotional 48 hours for the Celtic support as we mourn the loss of Billy McNeill.

The European Cup winning captain passed peacefully in his sleep surrounded by his close family on Monday night. When Celtic confirmed the news on Tuesday morning, there was an outpouring of condolences from not just the Celtic family but the wider football community.

Football clubs, players, former players all paid tribute to the former Celtic captain. Billy was universally respected and that respect shone through again yesterday when Ibrox Legend John Greig said a few words about his friend Billy McNeill. They were the fiercest of rivals but lived in a time where rivalry and respect could go hand in hand without eyebrows being raised.

Today John Greig was the man to pay a special visit to Celtic Park to lay a wreath at big Billy’s statue and remember the Celtic legend.


  1. Proper men do battle in the arena and best of friends outside it the way it should be thank you for showing love to all of us at this sad time RIP Cesar hail hail

  2. What a shame the plebs who run ibrox noise can’t show the same respect as their greatest ever player. I just thought I’d check out what if anything they would say about cesars passing. Not a single word of tribute to the legend. Well done greigy. I grew up in the era they played and saw some titanic tussles between them. But they remained good friends after the game. RIP KING BILLY

  3. 2 of the toughest men to ever have played the game in Scotland.
    Both loyal club men, both fierce warriors on the pitch, the best of friends off it.
    After all it’s only a sport.
    It’s not a war of attrition.
    As Tam Wilson said it’s the way it should be.
    As for us the supporters, we love our club, the players and everything about it. HI.

  4. They gave respect, they got respect. They played hard they got gubbed and kicked at. Modern fitba has come a long way from the fiftys, sixties, seventies eighties and nineties. As in the late sixties thats when I. watched it from. No more mudbaths, all in battles, broken bones and hearts. But still best friends after the game was done. No more respect anymore, until players retire. But at least they now have slush funds and investments.


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