IBROX legend Barry Ferguson as shown how much he’s hurting even five days after the Glasgow Derby and how his mentality will see the Ibrox side continue to suffer defeats at the hands of the famous Glasgow Celtic.

Barry wrote in his Daily Record column:

Take last Sunday. A day when Celtic’s manager should have walked straight out of Ibrox along Paisley Road West and into the casino at Springfield Quay to stick a year’s wages on black.

Because absolutely everything was coming up for Brendan Rodgers.

So please, leave me out of this theory that Graeme Murty was being schooled by some sort of managerial mastermind as Rangers lost to 10 men.

Barry was obviously hiding behind the sofa for the second half, everything going Rodgers way? We got a man sent off, Willie Collum’s erratic behaviour seen Celtic players be punished for having their shirts tugged by Gers players.

If he continues to think it was just luck then we whole heartedly condone his world view. The more they all think like this, the more confused and upset they’ll be with every loss.

Let’s get the facts right – the Ibrox side won a few games against lesser opposition before taking on Celtic and gave it Billy big baws the week before the tie. The bravado has come back to bite them and they’re left bereft of hope, so it’s easier to put it down to luck.

If only the goalie knew what he was ‘daein’!



  1. They Are Still Hurting & We Are Still Laughing At Them, Barry (EBT) Ferguson, Get Back In The Kitchen Your Mrs Wants You To Do The Dishes & Then Take The Rubbish Out And Close The Door Behind You 😭😭😭😭

  2. Keep yer smell chekcer hot Berry Son of Fergus ebt You may just need it yae plum. Can you please spell vincible, as you may be using that to explain Gay I am Spurtys team TALKS before Glasgow derbys.

  3. Wee Baaway’s reminding the zombie horde he’s still amongst them,and touting himself for a crack in the “aye-brokes” hot seat.
    Please let it be so,please,please,please,let it be the case,oh what a laugh the Celtic support would be assured of with him going toe to toe with Brendan and the Bhoys.
    It would be the best comedy entertainment since the return of Jack,Victor and the rest of the clan of Still Game.

  4. Wonder if went bk to bothwell again n got slapped like he did when oldco got pumped 6-2 he’s up to his knees in EBTS#CHEATS

  5. As my departed Mum used to say you cannot put brains into a Idiot or make a Silk Purse with a Sows Ear 👂.
    Ferguson you are one step above the single cell organism called the Amoeba you dumb Cluck.
    It must be really getting to you that the Celts are going to do 10 in a Row yet again.
    You are one BITTER little hun. HH

  6. Ferguson is a waste of space. A failed manager at Clyde, and an EBT wallah with a penchant for hiding his loot with his Mrs, what a poor example of a man he is.
    Now he says Celtic were lucky and if he says it, it must be true. Aye sure ya muppet. Your ball boy of a manager, got a spanking from St Brendan, and he taught the mighty murty a lesson.
    Hope you get out from behind the couch for the semi’s, waster. Oh before I go ✌️up yours Ferguson.

  7. Absolute bell end of a man as if any cunt really gives a flying fuck what that wee filthy cheating bastard has to say about absolutely anything “the ultimate bellend”

  8. That’s obviously been (ghost) written for the bold Bazza,and written by someone with split personality,the article has contradictions right through it,no wonder the MSM readership are failing if this is the standard of journalism

  9. A declared bankrupt who is giving out directions to the nearest casino what a joke of a person.
    This is a braindead who gave two fingers to Scottish football,failed twice as a manager,and now has to beg his wife for money to have a pint.Who in their right mind would listen anything he says and does his TV earnings go to his wife’s bank account AFTER TAX.


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