MICHAEL O’HALLORAN’S agent has gave a grovelling apology to the bigots who have been abusing his client on social media.

The former Celtic youth player was seen at the Celtic end at Hampden in Sunday as he watched his boyhood heroes make history which garnered a mouth frothing reaction from a certain section of the Ibrox support.

This was off the heels of being abused by a lot of the same fans during the week for visiting a chapel and having a picture taken with a priest.

Michael’s agent however feels the need to apologise to these morons after Hampden incident.

“Michael didn’t realise he would be surrounded by Celtic fans but hindsight is a great thing and he now regrets the decision as he accepts it doesn’t look too good.” He told the Daily record.

“He is concerned at how it looks to the Rangers supporters but he thought he would be in a neutral section and didn’t realise until it was too late.

“Motherwell were keen on signing Michael in January and he requested a ticket for the Cup Final through the SFA to watch the game as a neutral.“



  1. How Hunbelievable are Those Bigotted Secterian Arsewipes……In todays game,We are all Still Subjected to there Vileness.All the Clubs in Scotland must shoulder responsibility as they All Voted this Joke of a New Club to Exist.Hopefully the Poison Chalice has thrown its last throw of the Dice,Bringing in Stevie (Blunder)..They are wreaking of absolute desperation,Not wanting my Club to achieve10 In A Row.We are going to Smash Our Very Own (HONEST) 9 In A Row Record.That other Club equaled our record by cheating.Never Ever Never let Them Forget Those Facts.Liquidation = Death…..We Let Our Football Do Our Talking.Our Day Has Come and Its Absolute Bliss,Watching the most Corrupt (Clubs)in World Football stumble from one Crisis to the Next on an Hourly Basis.The Only Thing Sevco Scotland 5088 Brings to the MASSes is HILARITY!!!HH TAL!!!YNWA!!!!HWG10IAR!!!!!

  2. Apologising to Fanatical Vermin,Abusing O Halloran bcoz he got a photo with a Priest and some boys..Then More abuse coz he was at the Celtic game.Seriously,What is it with these Peepul.Kenny Miller played for Celtic.McCulloch was at Lennoxtown seeing Brendan and picking up pointers etc.Thats the Unionist Mentality for You.They are steeped in Bitterness and Hatred.Thats there good points…

    • But we’ve always known that n their watp ditty never recognised what it meant ever !! And the rankers are coming again ??? These people are deluded,if the lying king ever bankrolls SG money Dermont will just up the ante !!!!


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