The SFA were ridiculously and suspiciously slow to deal with the Ibrox Covidiots who went to a house party, breaking strict protocols.

After Bolingoli being condemned and the Aberdeen players being dragged through the mud, not to mention appeals by other clubs for perceived lack of protocols – there was no appetite to hold these Gers players to account in a timely manner.

After being FINALLY handed a ban for their rule breaking, The Rangers had the brass neck to appeal this decision.

Now, it has been confirmed tonight that this appeal won’t be heard until AFTER the cup game with Celtic, leaving our rivals free to play any of the Covidiots.

Are we even surprised?

Celtic take on The Rangers at Ibrox a week on Saturday, how an appeal can’t be seen by then boggles the mind.


  1. Why the surprise! Our club sit back and allow this crap all the time. Until we put up a fight they will do as they wish

  2. When slippy, I prefer, slimy Gerrard, was playing in the EPL he had standards. That has been shown to be a falsehood. In the three years he has been in Scotia, he has shown himself to stoop lower than a snakes belly to please the masters he works for.
    He is a low life in football parlance. Someone not to be trusted, a player in a card game who cheats, using every ruse to cheat his competitors. No penalties against, no red cards, blind referees and a club in a mire of degeneracy, with the trait of the lodge, masons, orange order, and corruption they bring to the table.
    Will someone at Celtic, please stand up for their fans. John Kennedy did a good job, but it is one name, wee need more, lots more. The old buns at Hamden are now as corrupt as TRIFC, and that is saying
    something. No one else can challenge the norn iron mob, except US. Do it and we will stand behind you Celtic, do nothing and you’ll regret it forever. HH.


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