Maybe we should turn to Govan for advice on dealing with loss. Short memories, no brains and just a dash of their hate blinds them from the big steaming pile of failure they stink of. The top 5 Rangers* moments this year probably involve teams like PSG, Bayern Munich and now Hearts.

From a 3rd placed team that has lost 5 times already this season in the league, they are no stranger to embarrassing defeats, in fact, they are experts at losing. The only way you would ever take advice from someone is if they have overcome some similar problem.Yet again, the only pleasure getting served up at Ibrox these days are at Celtic’s expense via anyone other than Rangers. After losing 1-3 at home to Saint Johnstone a few hours before Celtic played, the evidence suggests that they will continue to suffer that losing feeling a lot more.

Celtic, on the other hand, will move on and get back to winning ways. Maybe The Rangers should concentrate on their own embarrassing streak against the mighty Celtic, after all, they have to visit paradise for the last game of 2017.

Know your place and enjoy the Celtic backlash.


  1. AND maybe Celtic fans shouldn’t concern themselves what they are doing or how shite they are , we all know that . Just focus on ourselves and when we get back on the winning trail it they will be on the list on the 30th ,cmon the bhoys in green


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