Ibrox player and Celtic Fan Michael O’Halloran Gers nightmare could be coming to an end according to reports.

The former St Johnstone and Celtic youth player has been subject to the vilest sectarian abuse visiting a Catholic church and more recently for being in the Celtic end as the bhoys grabbed a double treble.

With relations between himself and the club at an all time low – Motherwell are looking to cut a deal which would see the 27-year-old move to Fir Park.

The Steelmen are looking to strengthen their position after reaching two finals last season only to be beaten by Celtic.

It would be a good move for O’Halloran who has played his best football away from Ibrox, and he would be rid of the sectarian abuse he’s subjected to on social media.


    • Absolutely no sympathy for the guy can’t stand turn coats he definitely knew what he would get but he wanted the shiney coin. Lucky for him I wasn’t next to him at dampden as he would be told to get tae! Don’t forget real fans where desperate for tickets for that game

      • Real fans ! You mean non catholic fans, if he was Muslim the police would be all over it, but in the most bigoted we country in the world it’s deemed ok.

        • You are quite right if he was Muslim or black the full force of the law would come down on them, but somehow because he’s a native- born Scotsman of another religion to there own [if they have any] they can be allowed to be prejudiced against him, there have to be laws brought in this Country to prosecute these vile people.

  1. Come on he’s a big boy he knew what he was walking into or should have cannot understand how any Catholic could play for or listen to the bible they sing about Irish or the Pope

    • That is 100 % correct Charles Stevie G will be the same He has heard their bile first hand so hell slap it intae him Also correct Bigeal if this were Muslims the place would have been shut down long before now and rightly so

  2. Who cares
    No sympathy for this muppet
    He sold his soul when he signed up for the tribute act.
    Knew exactly what they were about and still signed for the sectarian scumbags who’d kick there own mothers to get to kick a Catholic
    The death of the tribute act is coming soon and he would be doing himself a favour getting out of the sesspit of hatred
    Hail Hail

  3. Michael took the Hun coin, He was always going to be first in the firing line of the sevvies if it didn’t work out.. He was and it didn’t.HH

  4. The Shame that is Sevco,The embarrassment that is O halloran.How anyone in there right mind would play for the Club whose philosophy is stuck in the 1690s.I doubt that Circus over in Govania will see be here in 18 Months.HfH GIRUTOB


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