SCOTT ARFIELD has performed an embaressing u-turn after letting everybody think he was trying to win Scott Brown up at Ibrox back in December.

Apparently, the Ibrox midfielder did NOT try and do the ‘Broony’ towards the Celtic captain on the day and he says he can’t even remember it happening.

The picture was shared far and wide at the time with Gers fans lapping it up and Arfield happy to let it sit the way it did. Broony took a lot of abuse on that day at Ibrox and just walked up the tunnel and bided his time.

When Arfield and his pals got to Celtic Park in March the Celtic Captain had them in his sights and bhoy did he make sure they knew it. Three of Steven Gerrard’s players were suspended as a result of their dealings with Scott Brown on the day.

Asked by Host of a Ladbrokes Q&A Darrell Currie read out a question asking “What made you do the Broony in the 1-0 game?”

Arfield replied “I never. Never. It was just one of they things. I cannae actually remember when it happened but one of they things innit”

Currie asked “So it was not intended, is that what you’re saying?”

“Eh, I’ll let somebody else be the judge of it”. Arfield added.

Celtic head to Ibrox for the final Glasgow Derby day on Sunday and maybe Arfield is worried.


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