Ibrox Thug Alfredo Morelos who has had Carte Blanche to do what he likes over the past while will find out on Thursday if he is to receive any sort of punishment for his classless display against Celtic.

The player hit and kicked out at Celtic players in three separate ‘off the ball’ incidents but astonishingly didn’t even see so much as a yellow for any of them.

It’s now believed the compliance officer will thoroughly comb through John Beaton’s match report before decided the striker’s fate.

Beaton took no action against the Columbian, so the compliance officer is entirely within her rights to reprimand the player for his ridiculous actions.

These were petulant and deliberate attempts to hurt Celtic players.

Beaton’s refereeing has not been put under the microscope because the focus has been on how bad Celtic played – however it cannot go unnoticed and unmentioned the referee did his bit on the day to keep things moving for the home side.


  1. John Beaton is a disgrace to every referee out there ! He is a clueless clown and should be struck off , simple . Idiot of a man and simply is s disgrace .

  2. An absolute thug, but hey the ref and linesmen and fourth official need to be held accountable. It will be interesting to see the outcome….

  3. U kiddin do any of them give a shit ref said it all. U can kick anything in a celtic jersey. How many fouls did he let go but pulled back any for them and more hilarious was when he put both hands up against mcgregor. Hilarious. We were shocking but we knew we would get no breaks. Biggest thing is banners against jock time to stand up all fans even though lawell blanks it

  4. Please one and all stand up for the greatest manager of his time. A hero and celtic are allowing those scum to bring him down. Not on. Shankly thought he was immortal.celtic please time to put these people in there place

  5. Jock Stein a True Celtic Hero and Legend.And these Sevco Pretendy RainJurZ fans blacken Jocks name at Every turn.Somethings needing done.Its ridiculous how the officials and SFA turn a Hun Eye to Anything regarding These Parasites.We score v them n celebrate.They greet theyre being goaded by our players etc.This Cunt,ry is a Protestant Cesspit.

  6. If this thug dosent get any action taken against him then the Celtic Board need to grow a pair between them and ask why not And while they are at it they can ask when something is going to be done about the sickening jibes about Scotlands’ best ever manager A man who put British football on the map when we were the 1st British team to win the EC and helped tend the dead and dying in the Ibrox disaster It is an absolute disgrace that this is allowed to happen Oh and as an aside – its funny how a marginal- very marginal offside can be seen but the Columbian has committed 3 at least fouls off the ball and not one of the 4 officials managed to see him – hmmmm


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