CELTIC FANS have been sharing a very special image, one that will no doubt be used in years to come when we describe this period in the clubs history.

With Kieran Tierney being out of action and unable to make the squad since December; the Celtic star has had to watch on while his teammates do the business for the club.

Kieran’s philosophy seems to be – if you can’t play for Celtic, you go and support Celtic.

Well, that’s what Kieran would be doing if he hadn’t made it as a footballer. The Celtic icon was at it again on Sunday in Perth, not sitting among the suits but surrounded by his fellow supporters.

Before and after the game Kieran was happy to pose for pictures as he stood in the stands. The defender watched on as the players huffed and puffed but ultimately grabbed the win with two well-worked goals to go six points clear in the title race.

After the game, a picture emerged of Kieran as he salutes the players on the field. A picture taken by a fan behind the player shows what it means to Kieran and very much sums up the bond between players and fans during this period in Celtic’s history. In KT we have a lad who lives and breathes the club – this image just the latest in a long line of pictures showing the bhoy’s passion.


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