Sky Sports man and former Celtic player Davie Provan believes a new manager could resurrect Leigh Griffiths Celtic career given the circumstances.

Provan told Go Radio they frontman could benefit from the squad overhaul. Having some sort of continuity will be good for the Hoops.

Ajeti has not shown much, Klimala is heading to the MLS and Edouard is already dreaming of life after Celtic.

“If I’m the new manager coming into Celtic, whoever he is, I’d be very tempted to go straight to Leigh Griffiths and say ‘right, can you get yourself in shape for next season?’

“He’s only 30, he is still arguably the best finisher in the country.

“You wonder if he has learned the lesson on this season and see what’s happened and see how it has panned out because he was in good shape.

“If you could get Leigh Griffiths back into shape, you wouldn’t want him to leaving the club at 30 years of age.

“Particularly when Ajeti hasn’t been up to it, Klimala’s gone, Edouard will go – if you let Griffiths go then you are looking for at least three strikers to bring in over the summer and that will be difficult to find the right ones.”

Leigh Griffiths has value if he is fit but that’s a big if. He’s the sort of player who needs games in his legs and no new manager is going to hang his hat on the Scottish striker.

Could he be a decent backup, yes. However, it would probably be better for Leigh’s career if he moves on.

We’re still yet to learn if Celtic will trigger the clause in Leigh’s contract to keep him past the summer. It should be up to the next manager, but we don’t know who that’s going to be.

Decisions have to be made but can the club get their act together?


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