CHRIS SUTTON cut an impassioned speech live on BT Sport on Thursday night.

During the rant, he called Leigh Griffiths overweight, slammed Duffy for his defensive errors, called out Celtic’s passion but the thing that tipped him over the edge was seeing Moi Elyounoussi on his phone.

The midfielder was subbed in the second half and did not look happy. However, when the camera panned to the stand later in the game, Moi was on his mobile while the game was going on.

This sent Sutton into a rant which ended in him saying ‘I’d fine him two weeks wage for that’.

He questioned if Moi was bothered by what was going on in front of him while on his phone.

This Celtic team have stumbled from one problem to the next and the 4-1 defeat to a Sparta Prague B side even eclipses the gutless Glasgow Derby performance.

It’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel or look forward to Celtic games at present.


  1. Elyounnousi wouldn’t wear the shirt again if it was my call. I suspect he won’t if Lennon is still in charge beyond tomorrow lunchtime,but i very much doubt that.
    With Turnbull and Soro around,Rogic,Broony and Moi wouldn’t be near the starting line-up….add Ntcham to that list.
    Flashes of former glories are nowhere near enough.
    Injuries and illness are no excuse for a team to roll over like we did.
    A good sitting midfielder who can read the game,plus two strong,energetic,combative midfielders to win the ball is a must for us.
    Soro told us in his interview when he joined that he likes nothing more than hunting down the ball and tackling…i saw none of that tonight,or any other game this season.
    Lennon must see that too. He’s picking cowardly luxury players ahead of guys with guts. He should be plastering the walls with those players tonight…then someone should be plastering the walls with Lennon and his sidekicks. Calmac has fronted up to the press after losses recently and said he doesn’t know where these performances come from…i call bullshit on that. It comes from not believing in Lennons methods,and Callum can’t say it publicly. They don’t believe in him,PERIOD.

  2. Disappointment doesn’t do justice to how i feel about that sham tonight…outraged ,angry and disgusted at watching a team half full of absolute charlatans is more like it.

    • McGregor must have it inserted in his contact that he’s not allowed to be dropped.
      He is not alone in being poor all season but others have been dropped while he continues to be totally anonymous in the big games yet is guaranteed to start every match and is never substituted.
      Edouard isn’t even pretending to be interested any longer, the players are not motivated so im afraid tonight on top of the Sevco surrender means its time up for Lenny

  3. What the F..k was that earlier.Looks like this Teams been found Wanting.Lennons just a Yes Man for the Board.Lawell says jump Lennon says how High…..
    Shockingly Embarrassing.Looking more and more like 10s a Pupe Dream

  4. EMBARRASSING, I said months ago lennon has to go or forget 10IAR. I also said transfer window was c**p, Duffy is totally overrated, always out of position, can’t pass,lunges into tackles. Ajeti is fat and lazy, Eluseless plays a good game one out of six. Not one of them could force their way into a relegation fighting epl team last season yet our management think they are good enough for CELTIC. Barkas was also a waste of money we should have kept Gordon and got Marshall, both better keepers Whoever scouted these and recommended signing them should also go.Major changes needed from top to bottom at CELTIC and quickly.

  5. Utter nonsense. The Bhoy got call from a pal knowing he was off and the lad barely looked at it before stuffing it back in his pocket!
    Of course the meGer are going to blow it out of all propotion. And of course the Celtic support, and I use the word ‘support’ advisedly, are going to take this shit hook line and stinker.
    Divide and con…why vfukn bother!
    You would think after all these years, all the cheating, all the fraud, all the msm collusion, the sfa crooks, the honest mistakes…..

    Yer all a shower a ‘thugs and thieves’ , dae ye no get it?

  6. Pcelt, ‘Ajeti is fat and lazy’, ?
    What the heck is that all about?

    Do you have any idea of mins to goals ratio?

    He’s in the SQUAD five mins ffs!!?

    This is the problem, I heard a commentator tonight say, I paraphrase, “oh how sparta pragh wish celtic park was full tonight, so they could shut them up’!

    If Celtic Park was full this entire season we would be looking at a completely different landscape at every level!

    The glee in his voice as our demise became more apparent was quite staggering.

    We have bigger problems than a really decent player,while sitting in the stands, glancing at a phone.

    Not ideal I know, Lenny will have a shell like, but… really is no big thing.

  7. Sorry, it’s probs against the rules, but Pcelt is an obvious huun feck !
    Hey! Always look on the bright side. Another Irish pape in the White House!!!

  8. There is more than a phone going on here, we got a team that does not know what they are doing as a team we look lost crazy as it sounds our manager must walk away, look we are not near as fit and lean as the teams we are playing we are not even as good as them and we better start from scratch defend from the front every man knows his job and get them fit.or we will win SFA.
    Football has changed some of the older players we have are well outdated SD SB are lost and out thought in the game and they are unfit players there are a few others playing in our team who look lost in the game look we need to get fit think fast and play as a team.

  9. Agree wae bigmick mcgregor should not be playing week in week out over rated big time,as for the other 1s for fs,as yer man previously quoted who the hell is going out and sourcing these players as it’s totally unacceptable.The first thing this club needs to do is get rid of the scout not sure if its that twat by the name of Hammond he’s got to go.On the players where do I start no energy they all look as though they’ve run out of steam and were only a dozen or so games into the season,when the transfer window opens I’d love them to get rid of ntcham who’s shite,as for Duffy I’ll keep it clean he’s a total waste of space,fair play to Scott brown he always gives it his all,sorry but time to phase him out and let the turnball fella get a run in the squad.This team just now are very low on desire,commitment energy it’s not working.Lennon has got to take a huge slice of the blame as he’s dealing wae these players day in day out,if they seem to be not interested in pulling on the jersey then get them to f**k.The only way forward and this is to get rid of the clown that’s scouting our players.It’s as if Lennons sending them out onto the park without going through any of the tactical instructions that’s given to them,or their hearts just not in it.Can only hope that the team we’ve got just now will improve till the window opens back up,and try and address that woeful defence.HH


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