Any Celtic fan watching last nights game would have got a horrible feeling in their gut after St. Mirren goalkeeper Vaclav Hladky looked injured after a firework was thrown onto the pitch.

Most Celtic fans could see the headlines, they knew after a weekend when Rangers players and managers shamed themselves that Celtic was about to be tarred with the same brush all over one person.

St Mirren manager Oran Kearney was willing to take things one step further than usual. He said he would have been tempted to walk his players off the pitch had his goalkeeper not been unable to see out the remainder of the game.

Celtic fans should have been celebrating another win after the returning Ryan Christie popped up with the winner on the 85th minute. Instead of enjoying Ryan’s winner a chant of “scum” ran out across the ground.

How far the banger was from the keeper is irrelevant, all that matters is that the incident is getting wildly discussed this morning. Chris Sutton claimed last night that no real Celtic fan would do something like that and this season has had a nasty undercurrent in the stands.


  1. Sorry mate, for the cun7s who never shopped their fellow fan for throwing a boombomb onto St Helen Mirrens playing surface.

    As we al had oor eyes covered up by oor scarfs that oor mammies made us wear to the game, in case we caught a chill.

    Sorry again, but the boombomb spontainously ignited in his mitten and they were forced to throw it away. Otherwise his mammie said she wouldn’t let us all have a sleep over and play fortnite on oor consols. Because he would’ve lost a hand and burnt their mitten that their grannie knitted for them for infant school.


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