At the age of 32, it seems unfeasible at this point but the timing is very unique for Joe Ledley’s interview with Simon Ferry on OpenGoal Sport.

The former Celtic midfielder took part in a Q&A a few weeks back before the management upheaval at the club and he spoke about crying the day he left Celtic as he didn’t want to leave. A move to Crystal Palace came about very quickly on deadline day and Joe spoke of his shock that Celtic accepted a bid for him – he assumed he would thrash out a new deal with the club.

He left that night and never returned to Celtic. Speaking about the possibility of coming back to the club now he’s unattached, the former Derby hero told Simon Ferry he would love to but realises it’s unrealistic.

“Obviously I’d love to go back but it has all changed now. New manager, new staff so it has all changed.

“But you would never say no to a club like that.

“I had a fantastic time there.”

Speaking about Neil Lennon before he even took the interim role at Celtic, he was glowing in his praise for his former Celtic gaffer.

“I would love to have the opportunity to work under him again. 100 per cent.

“Him and Chris Coleman. They are different, but for me, Lenny was just an absolute laugh to be with.

“He was determined to win just as much as the players.

Only 200 available!!

“It was my first move and I couldn’t have gone any further away from Cardiff to Glasgow.

“They flew my family up, my mum, dad and my wife and we had a meal.

“We were talking and having a few drinks and you could just see my family loved him as well.

“He was just an absolute gentleman.”

Joe had a great first spell with the club but at the age of 32 and with some big injuries hampering his playing career it would not be a prudent move for the club. We have very fond memories of the Welshman but a return wouldn’t be welcomed.



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