The other day it was announced that German Bundesliga sides, would be allowed a restricted number of fans allowed back into football stadiums.

When you talk about restricted numbers, up here that is considered around 700-1000 but in Germany they will be allowed 20% of fans back into grounds. Many may think that is surely to much, too quickly? However, the federation have come up with a strict rule that will hopefully keep things in order.

German league sides will only allow spectators to return, each week if the seven-day infection rate in the home city is below 35 per 100,000 people, the game will be able to go ahead with supporters.

Over the piece, the Bundesliga and the German government seem to have dealt with the return of football and fans, extremely well. They were of course one of the first countries to return behind closed doors and now look to be leading the way with this.

So the question I would ask, why cant the Scottish Government look to follow the example and try do something similar?

For some reason, returning football fans to grounds seem to be something the government are adamant won’t happen. I’m no expert but surely there must be a way to allow some supporters to return?

Celtic play in the biggest stadium in the country, that holds 60,000 people. You would think it would be easier to socially distance within a stadium, whilst wearing a mask and following several different rules.

But instead they have put that on the back burner. Many things that have opened already, are much harder to socially distance, such as pubs or restaurants and they have been open for weeks now.

Fans in this country are desperate to get back in watching the football. It just isn’t the same seeing it on the small screen.

When you see some of what the German government are doing right now, you really do just think, why cant we do something similar to them?


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