Nobody has had such a fall from Grace for Celtic Park as Brendan Rodgers. The Irishman has gone from hero to less than zero all within 48 hours. His name now runs alongside Mo Johnstone in Celtic folklore.

No team has so many millions of people wishing them to fail at the moment the way Lecister City do. Most Celtic fans felt patronised by Rodgers parting words. He has just completed his first press conference in front of Sky Sports News cameras for his new mid-table team.

The first questions Rodgers faced from the media today was a one worded one, Why? His response was “If I Made The Decision With My Heart, I’d Be With Celtic For Life”. Rodgers than dive into the usual rhetoric that any football fan could have written before he said it.

He said he knows Celtic fans are feeling hurt and he doesn’t have any issue with the fallout or reaction. There are rumours that Rodgers has wanted to leave since the summer and was waiting for any offer to come so he could jump ship. The more time that passes the more it looks like he pulled the wool over the fans eyes.


  1. Head or heart would have been an easy one for Rodgers , since his heart was not in it . That’s the difference between him and Celtic supporters . We nail our colours to the mast…..he nailed false colours to the mast.

  2. That statement ,tells me he had no. Control over the Celtic board , Lawwell or his side kicks picking players out of the penny tray, was not for him

    • Absoleutely spot on only the manager says who comes in and who goes out not LAWELL thats not his job and thats why we will never hold on to any decent manager because they will not put up with that crap.


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