In most leagues across the world, football is a funny old game, In Scotland, it’s pure mental. Football in Scotland can play second fiddle to other hidden and dark agendas. It’s probably naive of some fans to think that in 2019 football could be just about football.

Celtic’s success in Scotland is starting to bring out the very worse in people, the people with the dark hidden agenda’s. Down the year’s football fans did not have the platform or means to shout about injustices, they certainly had no way of backing things up with video or images as evidence. But it seems we may as well be back in the ’80s, video footage counts for nothing giving the outcomes of last Sunday’s derby and ludicrous actions of the SFA.

What it boils down to is some people just can’t handle watching Celtic heading towards that record-breaking ten. Something John Hartson has just posted on Twitter makes you realise what ten in a row will do to some people.

It is as clear as day and so is the fact that nobody will ever respect Celtic’s success apart from Celtic fans, that’s what makes it all the sweeter.


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