It has been a long time coming but Charlie Nicholas admitted something we probably already knew but it was nice to get some verification – he is jealous of the Celtic captain.

Nicholas went on a tirade about Scott Brown’s actions during the game with absolutely no knowledge of how the player is treated on a weekly basis by his opposition and opposition fans.

Fun time Charlie slams Brown for his antics and talks about respect and why he should respect The Rangers players. Why? It’s a two-way street and Scott Brown has been subject to the vilest abuse over the years, a Gers fan entered the field two seasons ago in a bd to attack Brown; their players constantly mouth off about the Celtic captain then can’t back it up on the field. The one time they did win their players, their fans and even their social media account rubbed it in his face with the Captain taking it on the chin as Nicholas talks about.

There’s no respect towards our captain so why should he show any?

This is all highlighted now because unlike Scott, he didn’t and doesn’t react to the sort of goading that goes on during a game. Even when kicked, punched, elbowed he gets up, laughs and smiles – no classless reaction involved, and no retaliation other than winning.

Nicholas talks about a bygone era which is most certainly nothing to do with the game today.

At least he acknowledges he’s jealous of the Celtic Captain.

“When I played, I was told to look people in the eye and shake their hand, win, lose or draw. You had to swallow that bitter pill when you lost but it was all about respect.” he wrote in his column.

“Many among the Celtic support lap up what Scott does but I don’t like it. He helped them get the job done but I don’t recall anything he did with the ball that I could applaud.

“I’ve never been a fan of Scott’s style but I do respect the qualities he has and all the trophies he’s won.

“I freely admit I’m jealous of what he’s achieved. That jealousy doesn’t mean I don’t like him. He is a limited footballer who sacrifices a lot for the team. But there is a difference when you overstep the line.


  1. U were never a Celtic man u followed the money and done F.A. in football ur a fud who is that far up Jim white s ass its freightning

  2. The truth will hurt Nicholas. He is loathed by the fans, whereas Scott Brown is loved by the fans. A superb captain and leader. HH.

  3. Everything you said is total sh1te
    Your just a little bawbag
    A sad excuse for a little bawbag
    Just feck up ya twat
    Hail Hail

  4. A X Celtic player exposed , as shite bag, and hasnt the courage to say fuck the rangers, for fear of loosing his job

  5. The fact is Nicholas, you were the limited footballer and you are also limited as a person for having the cheek and audacity to criticise Scott, whom I have met and admire very much.
    I have also met you, but was not impressed.


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