What a difference a day makes.

We find ourselves increasingly judging players by not how they feel themselves, but how they are perceived.

For the last month, Scott Sinclair has been perceived as a player who is underperforming and who looked like he wanted to be anywhere else other than Glasgow.

However, on Friday, that argument was torn apart by the player himself when he not only declared he wants to be at Celtic for the rest of this season but the player is so impassioned and dedicated to the cause he wants to be here to try and make history.

Celtic fans won’t suffer fools and they can see right through players who want to be elsewhere other than Celtic Park, but there is a sincerity to Scott Sinclair that most fans will be able to see and appreciate.

The passion and sentiment behind these words are music to the ears of Celtic fans who love to see players who were not brought up on Celtic, but buy into the club in a big way and that’s what Scott seems to have done.

His quote may as well have been from the Wolf is Wall Street because it reads as – ‘I’m not F****** leaving’!

The midfielder might not be on the best form of his Celtic career but he is showing a desire to push on and become not just another Celtic player but a person who is etched into the history books of the club by helping ten in a row happen.

It’s refreshing to see, and it’s testament to the players we have at the club who have helped immerse Scotty in everything Celtic that he doesn’t want to be anywhere else.

When the Englishman is on form he is on another level. It’s no wonder that Celtic’s goals and creativity as a whole have dipped with Scotty’s downturn in form.

Hopefully, he can pick things up and be the catalyst for a double treble in the coming months!


  1. So he makes a statement and that is his commitment to the club. Have you ever heard of actions speaking louder than words. Get rid of him asap. the guy from last season is never coming back. Check out the rest of his career, the pattern is being repeated. He will have a real problem getting a decent club judging by the reaction of most people down south who simply remember him from his poorer performances and believe that anyone would look good playing in Scotland . Get a couple of million for him, more is a bonus, and get rid of him.

  2. John,many players,not just Celtic players have periods where their performance levels drop as dramatically as Sinclair’s has.I can remember many fans calling for Broony’s head two seasons ago,saying he was finished,he then turned in his best season in a Celtic shirt last season in my opinion,where he has continued to be captain fantastic,(the best Celtic captain iv’e seen personally over the last 40 years since Roy Aitken),both on and off the pitch,this season.The vast majority regain their form and as they say you don’t become an bad player over night.He has stated his desire to remain at Celtic,where he want’s to continue helping the club win more silverware,and hopefully T.I.A.R.The thing is John,you say a pattern is is being repeated,you may be right,but the difference with his past form with other clubs and being at Celtic is he had little motivation or a chance of medals at those clubs,he was loaned out while at Chelsea (where he was not given much first team action,only 5 appearances)to the likes of QPR,PLYMOUTH,CHARLTON, after signing for SWANSEA where he performed well enough to catch the eye of M.City (again not much first team appearances,only 13)who loaned him to WEST BROM and then VILLA,who City eventually sold him to,where Celtic bagged his signature.Nah i’m in the give him at least the rest of this season and even a proportion of next season before passing judgement.
    HAIL HAIL I.B.W.T(and Sinclair)

  3. Let the guy be yes hes dipped since last year yes, but form is one thing class is another his class will out good few games ,then the Semi exploit the best right back in Brittan Tavvy and score a few , help murt get the sack, hero again then shine in final double treble winner only way is up on too 10 hero again H H

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