ANGE POSTECOGLOU has spoken about how keen Oh Kyeongyu was to get his move to Celtic over the line as soon as possible, which pleased the manager.

Hyeongyu Oh

It showed that the player was committed to Celtic and had a burning desire to play for the Scottish champions. From when Celtic ignited their interest in Oh to completing the deal, it was quite a long time because his club played hardball before the player convinced them to listen to offers from the Glasgow side.

Ange remarked that the player wasn’t too interested in the fine details, just as long as he got to pull on the green and white jersey. Speaking to PLZ Soccer, Ange Postecoglou said:

“His own determination to get the deal done shows that, for him, it wasn’t about getting the best deal for himself.

“I’m not sure his agent would’ve been too happy with him. He just wanted to come to Celtic, it didn’t matter what the deal was, he just wanted to come and play for us.

“As a manager, that excites you. That’s the kind of players you want in the building.”

It’s great for the fans to see a player who is so keen to play for their club. Oh has shown he knows what it means in the press, but now he has to prepare himself to step out onto the pitch and live up to the expectations he’s set for himself.



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