Photos have today surfaced that appear to show Celtic preparing for the return of supporters to Parkhead by installing ‘SpectrumX’ sanitising stations.

Pictures on social media show these ‘SpectriPODs’ being tested outside of Celtic Park and also shows a description of what these will do to allow fans to enter the ground once again after seven months away.

The pods are said to be a unique-walk through method that allows the fastest access to the venue, whilst also providing an efficient sanitation process. They can also, impressively sanitise up to one person per second.

It really is good to see the club preparing as much as possible for the return of fans again, when it is eventually allowed by the Scottish Government.

At this current time, Celtic appear to be the main driving force in allowing this return by making the stadium as safe as they can.

In recent weeks, the club has also sent out things such as surveys to gain some perspective around how season-ticket holders actually feel about this return and the restrictions that may need to be put in place.

Fingers crossed, with all that is being installed within the stadium we can make that return as soon as possible.


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