David Hutton, the Airdrie goalkeeper must have got a separate pep talk from his manager last night after he spent 90 minutes seething. Every time the camera dropped onto the goalies face he looked slightly deranged.

Just after the half-hour mark, Izzaguire was brought down in the box for a penalty. This is when Hutton started to shapeshift, he became enraged and stood over Izzy shouting god knows what. It was Celtic captain Scott Brown who swatted him and his team-mates away.

The keeper made a good save to his right from Sinclair and then shape-shifted again.

For some reason, his rage grew as the game went on. Scott Brown has become used to having the last word in pitch battles. The Celtic captain has got more subtle with his gestures down the years but we really do hope Hutton has the time to view this image. One of our authors said after the game the Airdrie keeper gave Celtic fans the middle finger.

Why is he so angry?



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