Yesterday afternoon, Celtic youngster Stephen Welsh was thrown right into the deep end, in just his 2nd competitive start against Rangers.

Many had slight concern as to how the 20-year may hold up in a game of tho magnitude as he hadn’t seen much first-team action.

However, Welsh was arguably one of the only, very few positive to take from yesterday.

After the game, there was also images released do show how much this defeat meant for the young Celtic star and it was encouraging to see the emotion he showed after such a humiliating result.

For me, the youngster has a future at this club, just signing a new three-year deal a few months ago.

In the two games he has played he has been extremely solid and that is impressive for someone to do in their first two games, nevermind one of yesterday’s magnitude.

He was let down by his fellow team-mates yesterday and he should be one of the only ones who are proud of their performance yesterday.

Hopefully, there is more to come from the young defender, as there are certainly positive signs of him being a good player.


  1. Yes a bad day at the office.! I am as sick as everyone else, and that is hot my think of yesterday. We had nothing!!! But I earnestly believe we will still win this league..! I know it would have made no difference, but wh s Moreorless allowed to lift his hand to slap Broonie on the back of the head, when he had his back to the moron!! It is a red card all day long and that is now the fourth red card this clown has got away with in two games refereed by Thier number one fan! Pit the crown bar in Bellshill was shut, and he could not celebrate with his free mason pals.. One swallow does not make a summer and there is no danger of us not winning!!!. I was just wondering, who is the woman in this partnership, between Moreorless and Baton?? Because there’s something going on!! Turn around Baton, or is it th other way around??.


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