Celtic were beaten comprehensively by a better side on Thursday night.

The bhoys are in a ridiculous position now, trying to get to January hoping reinforcements will arrive to help their stuttering form.

However, many fans were blown away by the talent and level of fitness of Red Bull Salzburg team who steamrolled Celtic in the second half.

Many moaning that Salzburg are backed by the big money of Red Bull and that’s why they are streets ahead does not wash as soon as you look into what they are actually paying for players.

Here are their top record transfer fees paid out for players since 09/10. They are not paying out absorbent amounts for players but at the same time prioritising youth stars.

The Austrian club’s wage bill is rumoured to be less than Celtic’s although we cannot confirm this.

Coupled together with a scouting system that seems to be able to identify talent and they’re flying because of it.

We wrote yesterday before the game that it would be an uphill struggle for Celtic against the Austrian champions and it turned out to be the case.

While we accepted that reality, it’s crazy to think, with the right backing and the right scouting – Celtic could have a team as inspiring.

It all comes down to scouting and subsequent backing from the board. Two massive failures at Celtic not only this summer but historically.

Salzburg got to the Europa League semi-final last year and they have built on their team an the board have backed them in the hope of going further.

Celtic have historically done well, punched above their weight and just as you think something special is about to appear, it’s gone. Why? Because we have a complacent board who are always reactionary rather than pro-active.

The Bhoys have had an invincible season, won a double treble and in the summer we got shafted. There was no pro-active building, a contentment at winning all the trophies in Scotland and thinking the side who had landed the accolades could keep on going without major investment.

The scouting does have to be right though and that is down to Brendan Rodgers. Why? Because he brought his man Lee Congerton in. What Lee does is a reflection of Rodgers and in this case, Rodgers is not pro-active in finding out why the scouting is failing.

January is a big month for Celtic, make no doubt about it. Investment has to be made in order to kick on.

There’s no reason why Celtic can’t have a team to beat Salzburg or at least give them a game.


  1. My son has a friend who is a Salzburg fan and was at the game, he sent photos through out the game via I phone,and they were in communication during,Jerry has a son Louis 7 years old, who plays for there age related team, there are different age groups up to 18,and their input into youth football is second to none,they train and play in purpose built stadiums,they have the likes of 2000 seater indoor stadia for there youngsters ,to train and play in front of spectators,family friends,etc,this team is a produce of that input,??????how can we compete,answer ,no way,what has happened to our own youth policy ,non existent,disgrace,when you think of the 67 team, all homebread, different times now I know ,and things move on, but how many young players have been moved on because they where not deemed ‘Celtic ‘quality, what do we do bring in foreign, who are ‘NOT’ Celtic quality,Salzburg have a wage structure less than us,we need to learn fast and act now, are we paying to much in wages for both players AND backrom staff, we are now at the crossroads, if we make a wrong turn we are in trouble,big time!

  2. James Forrest
    Kieran Tierney
    Callum McGregor
    Mikey Johnston
    Calvin Miller
    Anthony Ralston
    Are all products of our youth setup stop talking nonsense.
    Unfortunately for us our Domestic situation has been so dire in the recent years we have had to bring in Foreign Talent in order to have players good enough to compete in Europe’s top Flight.
    These players are at a higher level than the bhoys coming through so the chances of them making it decrease as a result.
    However this has not stopped those who are exceptional making the grade.
    McGeady,Forrest,Tierney and McGregor have all had an impact and now the likes of Ralston Miller and Johnston are on the fringes of making an impact too.
    Our fans are getting very fickle in the modern game and have less patience for a young player cutting his teeth (Hendry and example of this) as success tends to breed its own issues in this regard.
    We just spent £9m on a French import with potential what chance has a young Celtic Striker got of pushing his way past Édouard in the pecking order given the outlay on him?

  3. Ray, last night we played Forrest, Hendry, Tierney and McGregor from the Celtic youth academy and also included Gordon, Christie, Griffiths and Morgan as youth players from other Scottish clubs.

    8 players.

    • Liam ,yes true, but if you read the comments , hendrey is being castigated for not being Celtic quality ?mcgregor also getting it,Morgan is not regular ,Lustig is ,Forrest also ,where do we start and finish over this,there are good players here younger ones who are not getting a chance to develop,as they should and forging a relationship on the park,we have foreign players here who for some reason or another are not performing ,what has happened to mickey Johnston ?I am all for giving these players time to gel, but more important playing time on the park ,

  4. What is going on at Lennoxtown what are The coaches doing seems to be sitting on their bank account’s getting paid for sfa, What has happened to our scouting system which at one time was fantastic now so far been abysmal, The chairman and the board really need to be seen doing something, Brendan Rodgers picks the team, But he can only pick the players that that is put in front of him, The players on the field of play should be giving the manager and supporters 100 & 50% Effort, They should be sweating blood and F’ckng man up, They are quick enough going to the bank and checking their accounts/bonus has been paid in, So they can go and buy another top of the range car and looking for new pads with all mod cons, Swimming pool etc etc, Supporters are paying players so they can become f’ckng flash Harry’s, Look at me look what I bought today a brand new F’ckng Rolex watch, Supporters are working their backsides off work I excess hours to get more money to pay their bills, They buy season tickets, travelling expenses, (ie) When have to book a place to stay and food and also they are taking along their young Son’s and Daughters it’s all money money money, One Thing about Celtic Supporters they shall travel near and far to support their beloved hoops, Some players are not giving us anything back in return, F’cker out of the champions league and now it’s looking like we are being F’cked out of the Europa league, If I Have Offended anyone, I don’t give a flying Fuck I am sick and tired of players that are just their for their own pickings, Not all players one or two exceptions, They should all be pulling in the same direction and I am not only talking about players, But Our Chairman & The Board, Get Your fingers out of your backsides and back our Manager Brendan Rodgers, We All Know Brendan’s attributes, But if they are not going to give our Manager what he requires, I fear that he shall walk and we all know who Double Diamond money shall bring in as a replacement for our manager, The supporters trust in Brendan, But Our Chairman and the board don’t seem to think the same thing, If they change our Manager then on their heads be it, The supporters shall not stand back and accept this, They Shall Let our chairman and the board know, Football Without The Supporters Is Nothing !!!

  5. I still think we will beat them at home there is nothing to fear what we need this season is win our league make it eight and win a cup if we can that is our aim we then need new faces in january and kick out all the dead wood,lets get this show on the road Celtic…………


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