Celtic missed out on top spot on Saturday afternoon. The bhoys failed to break down a Livingston team who offered nothing but a human shield to protect their goal.

The bhoys were out of ideas on the second half and when all looked lost they got a penalty after Kyogo was hit in the box.

The decision after that has cost Celtic two points this afternoon. Josip Juranovic had stepped up for Celtic and slotted his penalties away well and was deemed the penalty taker.

Giakoumakis decided he was going to take the last minute pressure kick instead, at the time, fans were baffled in the stands over the decision to allow Giakoumakis to take it.

Our fears were realised when the Greek striker’s penalty was saved consigning us to dropped points.

Juranovic hasn’t just scored his penalties but they’ve been tremendous efforts, to change that up today in the dying minutes is criminal.

Celtic’s momentum has hit a bump today and Ange might rue not playing Kyogo from the start.


  1. Perhaps we should look at being a bit lucky judging by the 2 “potential” penalties Livi didnt get awarded.
    We may have dodged a bullet and take the draw as a bonus .

  2. He also missed the easiest sitter in the last minute. We are missing too many really easy chances every game. 87% of the play against Hibs in the first half last week but only managed to score two from set pieces. That’s not top quality.

  3. Jako ..I thought Celtic were poor start to finish .The boy Jota does Ziltz , its ok doing step overs etc but thereMUSt be more of an end product ? fann+ing about wont cut it ….poor .

  4. The guy missed, move on. Celtic hadn’t had may shots at the goal, never mind the one of the livie goalkeepers having to save one off the line (apart from the penalty) Celtic may group together after the match and let bygones be bygones. Cheer, and not let this twelve goalies bother them again. One goal would have changed things. But not for Celtic today, as they couldn’t have score in a barrel of fannies.

  5. 3, errors ,
    1st, midfield wrong from start as was second half at Easter rd,
    2nd, moved Jota to the right to accommodate Johnston , jota had run a mock in the first half on the left , did nil on the right,
    3rd pen !!!!!

  6. We could have played all day and we still wouldn’t have scored, totally inept in front of goal, as for the 30 min silence it only punishes the players, hit the club in the pocket as its only the money they care about as they’ve already proved countless times HH

  7. I just can’t believe Giakoumakis took that penalty…astonishing.
    A real momentum breaker, but to be honest,but a few of our players looked jaded and uninspired today.
    Our whole rhythm and tempo drops significantly too, when Bitton is in the midfield. Did we really need a holding midfielder against a team that were never likely to want to venture beyond their own defensive third?
    Livi defended well and we were blunt and unimaginative…they gave us a gift even Madden couldn’t confiscate for a change…we got a point and we can have no complaints.
    We did this to us today.

  8. Total wrong team selection again, Ange needs to stop tinkering with winning line ups, to drop Kyogo was poor we don’t look half the team without him sniffing out the chances. Giakoumakis in my opinion should be used away from home on tight smaller pitches against stuffy teams. At Celtic park Kyogo has to start every time plus Biton is so lackadaisical and slows the game down far to much for me no penetration and very poor in the middle. The crosses were all the same chipped up into the air which wee easily gobbled up by the 6ft plus central defenders and the goalie . Very poor not changing it earlier we didn’t threaten down the left wing as soon as Johnstone came on he done his usual cut inside and give the ball away . Very poor.

  9. A huge missed opportunity to put pressure on our rivals Shocking to change a winning team when we are on a roll. And to allow the Gteek to take the penalty when he had not kicked a ball in the second half. Baffling.

  10. What was the captain doing? Just further confirmation that McGregor is no leader.
    Criminal decision as we never looked like scoring at all yet should have taken advantage of the ” get out of jail “card we were given.
    Livvy offered nothing but its up to us to get in behind them and we failed miserably-again Livvy keeper had nothing to do

  11. The need for a quality midfielder who can commit players and create space for others is what we have been crying out for. The panic signing of McCarthy was always going to be a failure, his recent track record told us that. Still in the game but recruitment in January holds the key as to whether we will win the league or not. Ange has to decide who comes in and for once let’s not delay in an effort to save a few quid.

  12. This team flatters to deceive at times and is not good enough. Neither is the manager. His decision making at times is poor. To play the big Greek instead of Kyogo is a mistake that is unforgivable. The big fella does not look like much of a footballer and should have been hooked at half time. Celtic clearly lack really good players who can do something different when faced with a wall. The only troubling crosses today came from Ralston. Abada and Jota have nice wee flicks but how often do their crosses cause any trouble. It was clear the big fella was going to miss the penalty. He was bricking it as he took his 1 step to trundle the ball towards the goalie. Huge result today. An opportunity to test the bottle of therangers. They will approach their game in a different calmer way knowing come what may they are top. They will win 4 or 5 nothing due to this. It would be different if Celtic were top. Not good enough. The game today will be repeated half a dozen times before the end of the season because Celtic are not good enough and these results will ensure we win nothing.

    • Who does Derek support then? A true Celtic supporter would never write such words…..well that’s what I believe after SUPPORTING The Bhoys for nearly 60 years – win, lose or draw!

  13. The big Greek looks as good as ajeti just another poor buy and Mcgregor had very little influence on the game, Turnbull has been poor for a few games now just shows we have one midfielder ( Rogic) prepared to take on defenders and no idea when he will be back but too many players lift their heads to see a pass the play is predictable and easy to read not much better than Lennon


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