James Forrest announced himself on the international stage over the past week in a big way.

Scoring five goals in two games for his country to put them through to the Nations League play-offs was spectacular.

However, it becomes even more spectacular when you look at the stats.

Forrest ended second in the group stage table for top goal scorers, only being beaten by Aleksander Mitrovic.

Outscoring many prominent players like Gareth Bale, and the much-praised English players such as Raheem Sterling who could only bag two goals from three games and Rashford two goals from four games.

The Scottish midfielder was on deadly from the last two games and below’s graph proves it. Forrest converted 71% of his shots on target for his international side and propelled them up the table in the process.

Celtic have recently signed James to a new deal and it looks like a masterstroke at this point. There are now many eyes on the Celtic star, and with form that outshines many household names, the weeman can be proud of himself.


  1. Cool head one of the best five goals in two games you will ever see a great player he is, now how much is he worth £25/30 million plus,every one who is any one in football has now heard about JF how cool is he in front of goal Scotland have now found there star man,he is a game changer in a blink of a eye, if any other international player in world football had scored five goals in two games with some real gems of goals like he did then its world news and big teams come calling for players like JF….
    Now can all the media stop crying our game down Scotland have a pool players that may well take us to major tournaments in the near future……


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