After the hysteria of Tom Boyd suggesting a referee who drinks in a Rangers pub may enjoy himself a little bit more in said Rangers pub after making a shocking call at the weekend – it’s now gone through the full Scottish football ringer and found its way to the compliance officer.

Yes, we’re now looking at the SFA delving into what’s being said by commentators during a game.

According to record sport, the compliance officer Claire Whyte will now look over Boyd’s comments about whistler John Beaton.

We’re in a universe where a referee can be seen socialising as a fan of Celtic’s Glasgow rivals – yet he continues to be allowed to officiate over both sets of clubs and don’t dare question is allegiance at any point.

The uproar to Boyd’s comments has been really quite something. Perhaps the compliance officer will look at the footage in question and pull in John to ask him why he missed a blatant penalty for Celtic. We won’t hold our breath.


  1. Tommy reported for telling the truth. What a shower of eejits they are. The poor wee soul Beaton is in line for a new nickname Browbeaton. Like Sevco, they are now the Borrowers – borrow money, borrow players, still they borrow, one thing they can’t borrow is TIME.
    They’ve more players than Mars Maltesers, does skippy not know you can only field 11 players, nae money, nae brains, borrow, borrow. With Beaton on their side it’s 12.

    • Very good comments. Can we no longer have freedom of speech????? Beaton will have to pull up his socks and say a PENALTY IS A PENALTY and NOT to suit himself.

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